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Barron Falls

The magnificent Barron Falls near Kuranda is one of the most visited sites in the World Heritage Listed Tropical Rainforest in North Queensland.  Here, the waters of the Barron River come to the edge of the Atherton Tablelands plateau and cascade over the sheer precipice, down through the thick tropical rainforest and into the Barron Gorge.  The Barron River then makes its way through the cane fields of the flat coastal plain before disgorging into Trinity Bay at the southern end of Machans Beach, just north of the Cairns airport.

A man named John Doyle is recognized as being the first white person to have gazed upon the majestic splendour of the mighty Barron Falls.  This took place in 1876, when Doyle, Bill Smith and another man named Cardnow attempted to penetrate the thick scrublands of the Tablelands while trying to blaze a trail between the tin mining centre of Thornborough and the coast at Trinity Bay.

Today, the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway carries half a million or so travellers annually on the 34 kilometre journey between Cairns and Kuranda.  The Barron Falls lookout is one of the highlights of the trip.  The train makes a stop at the lookout, giving enough time for visitors to disembark and photograph the spectacular scenery, before continuing on to the internationally recognised village of Kuranda.

As well as via the breathtaking scenic railway, visitors to Cairns who wish to see the Barron Falls can do so by motor car, travelling to Kuranda via the Kuranda Range road.  The Barron Falls Lookout is approximately three kilometres from the centre of Kuranda and directions on how to get there are readily available from numerous sources within the village.

Barron Falls A short drive from the Barron Falls Lookout is Wrights Lookout, which is another site offering a bird's eye view of the Barron Gorge and parts of the city of Cairns. 

The road to this scenic vantage point is clearly signed, leading off from the main road to the Falls Lookout.  Again, directions are available within the Kuranda village.

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