Bird Watching in Cairns

Bird Watching in Cairns  

The Cairns region is one of the world's premier birdwatching destinations.
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Chris Dahlberg, the Birdman of Daintree, comments on this diversity:

"From some of the world's smallest parrots and kingfishers to the largest of cuckoo's, to birds that can see in the dark and pigeons more colourful than Amazonian parrots the Cairns region is central to many of the most exciting birds in the world.  After breeding in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere  shorebirds and waders fly longer distances than the international traveller to be here in summer..."

With a diversity of bird habitats, the region boasts over half of Australia's bird species.  As well, birds arrive here on their annual pilgrimage from places as far away as Siberia, with a great majority of them landing at the Esplanade foreshore,  their southern hemisphere feeding ground.

A number of factors have played a significant part in reinforcing the region's already distinguished reputation.  These include its safety, the presence of an international airport, the enormous variety of hotels and restaurants facilities, its range of vehicle hire services, and other support infrastructure, and above all, its vast array of wildlife habitat resulting in an extraordinarily diverse range of bird species.

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