Centenary Lakes

The Centenary Lakes site, with its shady, tropical parklands, takes in an area of approximately 30 hectares, and is connected to the Flecker Botanic Gardens via the Rainforest Boardwalk and walking paths which traverse the recreational parkland and the lowland swamp forests.

The site is unusual in that it consists of two distinct and separate lakes, adjacent to each other in the one location, one being freshwater and the other saltwater.

The freshwater lake is host to a diversity of freshwater aquatic life, such as fish and turtles, a variety of birds, numerous water lilies and other plants.

The saltwater lake, which feeds off the adjoining, mangrove-lined, Saltwater Creek, gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore a mangrove habitat, view small saltwater fish and other mangrove wildlife such as crabs, mudskippers and birds.

Both the freshwater and saltwater lakes are a bird-watchers paradise with some 136 species of birds having been recorded breeding and feeding in the area.

Adding to its significance and appeal, the extensive and well maintained site is only four kilometres from the Cairns Business District and within easy walking distance of a number of major holiday resorts.

If walking is not convenient, then a number of local tour operators include Centenary Lakes as part of their tour packages.  As well, the local bus company has scheduled stops at the site.

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