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Crystal Cascades Swimmers

A 20 minute drive from the Cairns city centre, Crystal Cascades is a popular swimming spot in the upper reaches of Freshwater Creek which feeds out of Lake Morris, the man-made reservoir upon which the city is dependent for its fresh water supply.

During the warm and humid summer months, local residents flock to the area for picnics and social gatherings, or simply just to relax and have a refreshing swim.

Crystal Cascades, because of its location, offers an environment safe from saltwater crocodiles, as well as the stinging jellyfish that frequent the beaches during the northern tropical summer.

Although there are numerous excellent swimming spots along the road to this highly esteemed site, Crystal Cascades proper is accessed via a concreted walking track that continues for another kilometre or so along the bank of Freshwater Creek.  Thick rainforest forms a lush tropical backdrop to the walking track which climbs up the gorge, passing by numerous rock pools and small waterfalls.

Visitors to the area are warned to be very cautious when diving or jumping from the rocks in this area as history records a number of accidents that have ended in tragedy.  During the monsoon wet season that visits Cairns each summer, it is advisable not to swim at Crystal Cascades at all.  This is due to the volume of water which flows through the gorge making it too dangerous.

In addition to the numerous shady picnic spots along the banks of Freshwater Creek, there are a couple of shelters with tables and bench seating suitable for a large gathering.  There is also a bar-b-que provided at one location, as well as the convenience of toilet facilities.

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