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Kuranda Scenic Railway

Constructed almost completely by hand labour during the years 1886 to 1891, the Kuranda Scenic Railway is recognised as one of the greatest engineering feats successfully undertaken during the colonisation of Australia.

Rising 327 metres (1073 feet) above sea level and passing through some of the most rugged, but scenic country in Australia, this historic railway makes its way for 34 kilometres from the Cairns Central railway station, through lush tropical forests and scrubs, across bridges spanning deep ravines, past impressive waterfalls, through tunnels, along the sheer precipice of the Barron River gorge, eventually arriving at the Kuranda railway station, famed for its beautiful gardens.

Originally built to service the mining communities in the hinterland to the west of Cairns, this spectacular train journey now attracts up to half a million adventure seeking visitors and train enthusiasts annually.

Visitors to Cairns, who will be staying for any length of time, are urged to make the famous trip on the Kuranda Scenic Railway part of their holiday itinerary. 

A popular format with many visitors is to travel one way by the train, spend some time exploring the charm of Kuranda, and make the return journey via the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, or by coach via the picturesque Kuranda Range road.  Whichever format one chooses, a day trip on the historic railway is an event which will not be soon forgotten.

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