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Rainforest BoardwalkA feature of the Flecker Botanic Gardens is a Rainforest Boardwalk which traverses the adjacent Recreational Parkland.  Here, visitors are given a personal encounter with a classic Tropical Lowland Rainforest, unique to North Queensland.  This forest type was once relatively common in the Cairns area, but land clearing for agriculture and urban development reduced the forests to a few isolated remnants.

Most of the remaining Lowland Tropical Rainforests in North Queensland are now protected by world Heritage and State Government legislation to ensure their preservation.

The Rainforest Boardwalk, constructed of timber decking and elevated just above the forest floor, takes the visitor through three distinct vegetation changes - Palm forests, Paperbark forests and Pandanus forests.  These changes in the vegetation type are the result of the variation in soil type and moisture content within the park.

For the visitor who wants to experience such a variety of tropical rainforest vegetation and wildlife, the Rainforest Boardwalk adjacent to Flecker Botanic Gardens in Edge Hill gives this opportunity in an area that is relatively small and easily traversed, with the added advantage of being only five minutes drive from the Cairns business district.

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