finger lime
Finger limes are renowned for being the caviar of the rainforest. Piercing one produces a burst of small pearl like balls and the aroma of fresh citrus.
Mark Bayne has been growing finger limes for 3 years at his farm in Shannonvale, a picturesque valley half way between Port Douglas and Mossman, in Far North Queensland.
The earth of the Shannovale valley lends itself to growing fruits organically. Alongside Mark's farm which produces Chartreuse and Pink Champagne finger limes, you will also find award winning farms producing Cocoa, organic wines, passionfruit and papaya.
finger lime
Pink Champagne Finger Lime
Finger limes can enhance the flavour of seafood, salads, avocados, ice cream, cocktails or plain water. Garnishing plates with finger limes adds an interesting talking point to any meal.
From flowering to picking takes 3 months and after cropping the finger limes are snap frozen, giving them an expected shelf life of up to 12 months.