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Malanda is a picturesque village with a population of around 1500 residents. At an elevation of 730 metres (2400 feet) above sea level the climate is cool and the district enjoys high annual rainfall.

With its lush pastures, Malanda is the centre of the Atherton Tableland's dairy industry, being the location of the Dairy Farmer's Factory which boasts the longest milk run in the world. Refrigerated tankers transport milk from Malanda to Mount Isa in Queensland's western outback.

As with many townships that were established on the Atherton Tablelands in the late 19th century, timber played an important role in Malanda's development and economy. Kauri Pine, Red Cedar, Black Bean, Walnut and other popular species flourished in the tropical scrubs and rain forests throughout the district.

A good range of accommodation is available in Malanda, including caravan parks, bed and breakfast, and motels, making it an ideal place from which to conduct day trips to other centres of interest on the Tablelands.

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