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Ravenshoe, at 930 metres (3050 feet) above sea level, is the highest town in Queensland, beating nearby Herberton in this quest for distinction by 15 metres.

Located 147 kilometres (90 miles) south-west of Cairns and approximately 55 kilometres (35 miles) south of Atherton on the western edge of the Atherton Tablelands,  Ravenshoe has a generally mild climate, with temperatures rarely exceeding 26 degrees C.

The township was, until recent years, a thriving little timber town.  However in 1988, after many battles over environmental issues, a 900,000 hectare (2.25 million acre) area around Ravenshoe was World Heritage listed, thus effectively putting an end to the milling of rainforest veneer and furniture timbers.

Fortunately for Ravenshoe this did not sound the death knoll of the town. Today Ravenshoe is alive and well, flourishing as a nature based tourist centre, and also attracting artists, writers, poets and craftsmen.

A timber mill still operates, but today’s “grist for the mill” comes from pine plantations.

A dairying industry has also contributed to the economy since 1907, and continues to play its part to this day.

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