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In common with many settlements that developed in the hinterland to the west of Cairns during the last decades of the 19th century, Yungaburra owes its existence to the discovery of precious metals at Herberton and the Hodgkinson River.

In 1890, a track was blazed from the Tablelands to the shipping and commercial centre of Cairns on the coast. This trail, which became known as Robson's Track, descended the mountain ranges approximately where the Gillies Highway is located today.

With the opening of this track linking Herberton and Cairns, Yungaburra, then known as Allumbah Pocket, became a rest stop for the miners and the numerous pack horse teamsters who trekked between the two centres.

Today, Yungaburra claims the reputation of being the prettiest of the townships on the Tableland. As the traveller takes the time to look around, it is easy to understand why this is so.

At 720 metres (2500 feet) above sea level, the climate is cool and the countryside is lush. Many of the old buildings have been lovingly restored and painted, retaining the town's colonial atmosphere. Yungaburra can also claim the distinction of being the largest National Trust listed village in Queensland, with 28 Heritage Listed buildings.

With a variety of accommodation styles available, ranging from motels, hotels, cottages, bed & breakfast and backpacker, and a good selection of places to dine, Yungaburra has much to offer the visitor, and a stop over is highly recommended.

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