Sheltered and secluded between two rocky headlands which separate it from Half Moon Bay in the south and Kewarra Beach in the north, is the picturesque and popular Trinity Beach.

Trinity Beach is so named because of its association with Trinity Bay, the name Captain James Cook gave to this part of the Australian coastline when he sailed past on Trinity Sunday, in June 1770.  In his journal for Sunday, 10 June 1770, Cook wrote, "The shore between Cape Grafton and the above northern point forms a large but not very deep Bay which I named Trinity Bay after the day on which it was discovered."

Trinity Beach, the fourth such beach community along the Marlin Coast north of Cairns, is essentially a residential community of around 4000 in population, having always been a favourite swimming and picnic location for residents in the Cairns area.

Consequently, it has a well established and varied support infrastructure such as take-away shops, restaurants, and small shopping centres, including a supermarket which carries most of the essentials.

Like some of the other beach communities along the Marlin Coast, however, it is quickly becoming known nationally and internationally as a peaceful and relaxing holiday destination.  An increasing number of holiday resorts, apartment style accommodation places and caravan parks, as well as restaurants and cafes, now cater to the growing tourist market.

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